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They will decide if it is appropriate to take any legal action.'It is believed they have the country's top libel lawyers, London-based Carter Ruck, working with them on the case.A close friend of Maddie's family added: 'You Tube videos with lunatic conspiracy theories against the Mc Canns have sadly been available on the website for years. Not only is English my first (and only) language, I adore cats. I don’t really understand why, but cats seem to be the animal of choice amongst the population of the Inter Webs. Well, they’re nothing but second-class citizens, only really embraced when they’re still in puppy form. There are several cat websites dedicated to LOLCats, but this one is my personal favorite. Some you will have already heard of, others will be new to you.Incredibly, scientists discovered that of the people who watched the video who were able to count how many times the basketball was passed, as much as 40 per cent failed to see the person in the gorilla suit.Now a new study has discovered why so many people experience 'inattention blindness' - the phenomenon that leaves drivers on mobile phones prone to accidents and also makes the gorilla invisible to so many viewers of the famous video, it has been reported.

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It's the bizarre video that has attracted more than 1.8 million hits on You Tube.The dramatic four-minute clip, which is designed to prepare British tourists for a terror attack overseas, shows families fleeing a beach with panicked parents carrying their young children away from the attackers.However other parents took to Twitter to praise the 'informative' video and said they would be sharing it with their young children...During the launch 15 stars were catapulted into the Celebrity Big Brother house in front of a braying crowd.Mr Amaral's controversial documentary can be viewed on the web around the world.'It is based on the former Portuguese police chief's best-selling book The Truth of the Lie, which the Mc Canns complained was libellous but which Portugal's Supreme Court ruled on appeal was not.

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