Ryan reynolds dating alanis morissette

AP: Tell me about the process of recording this album. The structure of going in the studio every day was very helpful for me.Morissette: In the middle of my breakup, I went to London for 12 days, wrote 12 songs. Then I came back to LA and wrote 12 more songs with a gentleman named Guy Sigsworth, whom I adore. Versus my having written in the past retrospectively. AP: It seems like half the album is looking back at your relationship with Ryan and half is these moving-forward songs. Morissette: One of the main themes of this record is this recovery, rising up from the ashes so to speak."If only you could actually bottle that and carry it around."[H/T E!

Reynolds has rarely spoken about Morissette since their split.

When I'm just hanging out with her and we're doing silly stuff and if I make her laugh, the feeling of joy I have is explosive.

If I can make her laugh and she gets a big smile on her face, that's pretty much it," she gushes.

Since Scarlett and Ryan divorced in 2011 she has gone on to find love with French art curator and former journalist Romain Dauriac, who has different interests."We like to go out and go dancing.

Other times, we like to sit at home and eat Thai food and watch for four hours," the actress reveals. He's interested in my weird, alien entertainment world.

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