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I'm pretty laid back kinda person, very honest and real ...looking for the same.

Im a newly graduated high school student who is taking a gap year to travel.But a lawyer who represents several X-rated shops said in an unsuccessful petition to the U. Supreme Court last month that if the city went ahead with long-delayed enforcement, it could put her clients out of business."New York has the tradition of being the freest and most tolerant city in the country, if not the world," the lawyer, Erica Dubno, said."And unfortunately, freedom of expression is being restricted and small businesses are in jeopardy."Several dozen of the adult establishments are still hinging their hopes on freedom-of-speech legal challenges, she said. The city is staying enforcement of the court decision pending a resolution of the legal loose ends.In June, New York's Court of Appeals reinstated rules dating to 2001 barring any establishment with "live performances characterized by an emphasis on certain specified anatomical areas or specified sexual activities" as well as sexually explicit videos from all but carefully selected city zones.It isn't the first time a court has sided with the city, only to have the regulations tweaked or overturned by another court later.

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