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Now, they are censoring links to CD-Key vendors as well.I sent a friend The censorship of torrent links is understandable, but CD-Key vendors are not illegal like torrents are.Among the CD Key vendors out there, Kinguin, the one whose link was censored, is probably the most legitimate business of all of them, giving you the option to buy from any number of smaller vendors with them as the middleman, ensuring a certain extra degree of buyer safety.I cannot see people being happy with this change to the steam chat in the long run, and where this goes from here on, we shall see.It means that only the people sending and receiving a message can see what’s inside of it — stopping them from being snooped on by hackers and spies, and even the messaging companies themselves. Encryption works by scrambling up the message in a way that requires a specific key to unscramble it again.

He is a president who has mused of banning Muslims from travelling to the United States, has a history of disparaging women and has spoken positively of using torture to combat terrorism, and whose election has sparked fears over the fragility of American democracy and the stability of the existing global order.

But Pierre Trudeau likely did not have much reason to worry he might wake some morning to learn he had become the target of a public tirade by the leader of the free world.

And not only because Twitter did not exist at the time.

If you're working hard and some cunt throws something so he can tell his buddies, I don't see where it's worth it.

Q: Just wondering if there truly was a rap song with Shaq [American professional basketball player, rapper and actor Shaquille O'Neal] on it that you recorded?

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