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Behind nine of them were normal prizes, but behind one was a special star prize holiday (which yes, they had to take together - Aaaah again).

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After they've done that, they would each simultaneously input into their computer, CUPID (sadly), which one of the opposite sex they fancy.This was one of the most interesting parts of the show - the trails of who-fancies-who were often quite intricate.Afterwards, winners from a previous show would play a game on a big board with 10 hearts on.But Gareth Gates had toned down the bronzer to sport more of a natural glow as he joined glamorous girlfriend Faye Brooks for a night dining out at Pan Asian restaurant, Gilgamesh, Camden with friends.Beaming broadly, the former Pop Idol star, 32, seemed in great spirits as he snuggled up to his sweetheart on the outing.

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